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Lantern Incense Burner

We didn’t have any cool incense burners, and were using a silly small pot with a bit of sand in it for a while.  On a trip to Michael’s, I walked by a lantern and instantly had a thought; INCENSE BURNER!  Grabbing the lantern, I ran around the store looking for something to hold the

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W203 ’06 C230 Sport: Intake Runner Valve Leaking? – Solution

Last week, in “W203 ’06 C230 Sport Intake Runner Valve Leaking?“, I was attempting to determine where the leak was, and what the solution would be.  The discovery was that one of the levers for the intake runners had snapped off the end of the diaphragm arm, and was also broken from its shaft.  The

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Concours d’LeMons?!

OMG, why have I never heard of this before!?!!!  I was just watching Chasing Classic Cars on Discovery Velocity, where Wayne Carini went to the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and discovers the lighter hearted variation of Concours d’LeMons! So, I currently am on a 24 Hours of LeMons Team, where we are building a

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