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Sticky Rubberized Keyboard

Ugh, my 1st Gen Logitech G15 is starting to get tacky on the wrist pad and edges.  This is NOT pleasant at all!  The interwebs tells me this is due to the material deteriorating over time (Urethane).  Here’s probably the best post on it I found. So, do I just follow along and rub

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First Contribution to Linux Mint Community

Not really a big one, but it’s a contribution none-the-less. I recently started using Linux Mint Debian as a desktop again, and my new Logitech Performance MX isn’t getting fully utilized.  The advantage of having a back/forward button on a mouse is huge!  Not being able to use them natively is sad.  Not only is

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W203 ’06 C230 Sport: Intake Runner Valve Leaking? – Solution

Last week, in “W203 ’06 C230 Sport Intake Runner Valve Leaking?“, I was attempting to determine where the leak was, and what the solution would be.  The discovery was that one of the levers for the intake runners had snapped off the end of the diaphragm arm, and was also broken from its shaft.  The

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