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Rackermobile: My Final Days

ContentsWell, it’s over…The Family Car?So much technology… but what is that?The Attention!The gift that keeps givingLike my momma always said…Thank you Graham! Final thoughts (Cont. from Well, it’s over… In a week’s time, we enjoyed 472.2 miles together.  I’ll tell you this, I take back some of what I initially thought about this car.  We

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Rackermobile: My first few days with the Fisker Karma

Contents“The Company Car” No big dealFirst ImpressionsDay 1: Nervous?Day 2: Let the friend making begin!Day 3: I could get used to thisDay 4: So it is “The Company Car” The 3rd generation of “The Company Car”, “Rackspace Rackermobile” is a coveted reward for those who have gone above and beyond.  First, it was a 3-series

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Concours d’LeMons?!

OMG, why have I never heard of this before!?!!!  I was just watching Chasing Classic Cars on Discovery Velocity, where Wayne Carini went to the annual Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and discovers the lighter hearted variation of Concours d’LeMons! So, I currently am on a 24 Hours of LeMons Team, where we are building a

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